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Benicia Pet and Equestrian Photographer

Pets Are family

Our pets are part of the family, and it brings us as much joy to have beautiful portraits of them on our walls as it does to have portraits of our children. Be sure to include them in your family photoshoots, as well as a fine art photoshoot of your beloved pet alone. Wall art is wonderful to admire your pets now, and a precious heirloom to remember them after they've crossed the bridge.

When and Why to book professional Pet Photos:

  • New Pet - New puppy? New kitten? Bunny? Chicks? These fluffs grow by the day! Bring them into the studio now for beautiful solo portraits, add them into your family photoshoots... definitely with the children.
  • Older Pet - They have been by your side for years now, ever devoted and loving members of the family. Please remember to schedule a fine art photo session when your fur baby starts to slow down. Nothing is promised, and they are never, ever with us long enough.
  • Heart Pet - Do you have a Heart Dog? Heart Cat? Heart Horse? That one animal who isn't just special and loved, but part of your soul and just 'get's you'? Has this furry angel bonded with your child... maybe even helped cure her? Helped him to speak? It's usually a rescue. If you've been privileged to experience this kind of relationship with an animal, honor the gift with custom fine art photography. And do it now. The resulting legacy wall art will be something you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Pet sessions in studio begin at $750. On location $950.

benicia equestrian photographer

You and your Horse -

As with all photoshoots, these begin with a phone consultation to discover all that I can about your relationship with your horse, your sport if any, your horse's temperament, and location possibilities. We'll discuss what has inspired you to book good photography at this time, the story you'd like to tell, and wardrobe/color choices. We then meet at the barn to choose wardrobe, go over posing 101 with horses, and walk through shoot locations... but the most important part of this pre-shoot meeting is to slowly introduce your horse to few things usually new to him. Reflectors, and sometimes umbrellas and flash, are used to bring out the best in you both. Your horse deserves the time he or she needs to get desensitized to the shiny equipment. On the day of the shoot, my team and I again take our time with you and your horse, never rushing her. We aim for those quiet moments of true connection between you, and that only happens when your horse is calm, trusting, and curious about all of this new activity and attention. Horse/Owner portrait sessions on location begin at $950.

A Girl and Her Horse -

A professional wedding photographer for over 10 years, and a horsewoman for much of my life, I am drawn to making images that combine the soft texture of a flowing dress with the shiny, curved lines of a horse. These shoots are a very special experience! Includes professional hair and make-up, lighting, and styling. Wear your wedding dress again for a beautiful set of portraits and landscape images of you and your horse. Evening and prom dresses work well too, and we'll bring fabrics and flowers for additional creative, romantic looks. This is a fabulous high school senior photo shoot for the young equestrian in your family. For bridal or gown shoots with your horse, we work with you well in advance of the shoot to ensure that both you and your horse are prepared. Your safety and enjoyment of the photoshoot are of the utmost importance to us. Don't worry if you've never had a professional photo shoot before, and not sure what to "do". I will guide you through the whole process, helping you to pose elegantly and naturally with your horse. A Girl and Her Horse sessions begin at $1250.

Many clients tell us it was the most fun they've had with their horse in a long time!

Horse Portraits -

For serene, powerful portraits of your horse alone, we endeavor to capture your horse's unique spirit and expressions in our images. The pre-shoot location scouting for this shoot means we are looking for places at the barn where we can really showcase your horse's face and front body... entrance to the barn, covered arena, landscaped areas. A simple, elegant halter or bridle is all that's needed here. When we're done with the posed portraits, this shoot includes a series of your horse at liberty. So after being asked to stand and look regal in a few locations, all shiny and clean, you get to turn your horse out to play. We capture as many playful, rambunctious images as we can before the inevitable roll :)

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