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This is a collection of some of my recent studio and outdoor portraiture. I photograph women, men, couples, children, and families of all ages, including pets. I particularly love creating fine artwork for celebrations and milestones in our lives. These are legacy portraits that will be hung on your family's walls to be cherished for generations.

A portrait session with me begins with a pre-photoshoot consultation to talk about how you would love to be photographed, and with whom. We design your photoshoot together here. We talk about wardrobe, accessories, colors, fabrics, and your hair and make-up artistry wishes. Bring your favorite casual and evening looks, or choose from my studio wardrobe. I have tons of fabrics and floral as well, and I've been known to make a dress on the spot. We can spoil and celebrate just you, or you can bring a friend for an enjoyable girl's day out! This is the ultimate mother and daughter or sisters Just Us celebration.

Do you love the Hollywood starlet looks of the '20s, '30s, or '40s? Pin-up '50s, rockin' '60s, or boho '70s? My team loves vintage, and we can create custom wardrobes just for you. If you'd love something edgy and modern, I'd love to collaborate and bring your vision to life for you! If you would like to go further back in time, imagine owning a fine art portrait that has transformed you into a renaissance painting. The pre-photoshoot consultation here delves a bit into fine art history, and we discover just what I can create for you. Clients often combine the two, beginning with contemporary images, and ending with our fine art painterly concept. Whatever your inspiration and tastes, this is the time to create some epic artwork to truly celebrate you and your family.

On the day of your shoot, you are welcomed with light snacks and sips while you enjoy a pampering custom makeover. I gently guide you through all of your looks, with posing, professional lighting, set changes, and direction throughout, so don't feel that you have to "know what to do" beforehand. I've got you.

This is often a transformative, empowering experience for people emotionally as well as visually. Speaking of which, don't forget to book a night out after your photo shoot, because you will look and feel like a million bucks!

When & Why to Book a Celebratory Photoshoot:

  • Engagement/PreWedding - When did you know this was Your Person for life? What is your origin story as a couple? What do you love most about each other? Relive the answers to these questions in gorgeous, intimate photographs.
  • Maternity - This is SUCH a special time in your lives. Document your experience and beautiful belly with custom fine art that is sure to inspire conversations with your little ones for years to come.
  • Children - We all have endless phone images of our kids, but at what quality, and how many have you lost to the ether? Booking an annual professional photoshoot of our children ensures professional prints to document their oh-so-speedy growth, and will last for many generations.
  • Families - Your family is everything. Document and celebrate each other every day with legacy wall art in places of prominence in the house.
  • Girl's Day Out - Mother and daughter. Sisters. Cousins. Besties. Celebrate this incredibly special bond with custom make-overs, champagne, beautiful things to wear, expert direction, and gorgeous images to talk about for years to come.
  • Pets - Pets are family too! Be sure to include your beloved pets in your portrait sessions.
  • High School Graduate - Honor and acknowledge your graduate's accomplishments with a custom photo shoot tailored just for them. They deserve to be seen, heard, and to feel like a rockstar!
  • Anniversaries - One Year, Five Years, Ten Years, Fifty Years... celebrate your marriage all over again and honor these milestones together.
  • Milestone Birthdays - Any birthday is worth noting with a great photoshoot, but milestone birthdays are really special. 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years old? 30th, 50th, 75th birthday? Let's celebrate with bespoke portraits!
  • Boudoir - A gift to yourself, and certainly for your partner. Pampering, private, empowering photo sessions resulting in breathtaking artwork. Often a wonderful way to celebrate one of those milestone birthdays, or the ultimate pre-wedding gift.

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