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Contemporary Headshots, business portraits, & Personal Branding Images in the San Francisco Bay Area

A well-crafted, relevant headshot is so incredibly important in today's online referral and social media-driven world. In fact, your headshot has the power to make or break a potential client's decision to learn more about your business, and it happens in the blink of an eye.

It is well documented that, based solely on your profile image, our brains are hard-wired to decide whether or not we like you and trust you in less than one second. Some studies have measured the response average at 1/10th of a second.

How are you feeling about your headshot in your business profile images? Ask yourself:

  • Is it more than 3 years old, or sporting a very different hairstyle or color? This tells your audience you're not staying current and relevant. Your clients should be able to recognize you immediately from your headshot.
  • Is it a selfie? This tells potential clients that you're not willing to invest in professional work. So why should those professionals invest in you?
  • Is it a casual photo from your last vacation? This can send the message that you don't care, or aren't willing to spend the time to do more than add a quick photo from your mobile phone.
  • Or worse, are you A.G.H.A.S.T. (Anonymous Grey Head And Shoulders Trap), and not added one at all?? This tells us that you literally don't exist. People do business with people, and I am not going to pick up the phone to learn more about a business owned by no one.

Investing in a great collection of business portraits that you're proud of communicates to your audience that you care about your business and your brand. It also says that you care about your clients. The message is you're the best in the business, and that you can be trusted to deliver exceptional service. Why? Because you ARE your brand.

Come in for a consultation, and we'll talk about you. We'll also talk about your "why," your business, your product and service, and your best clientele. Based on that discovery process, I will create a custom photoshoot for you to produce contemporary, considered, beautifully crafted images that will invite your target audience to pick up the phone.

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